Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Best Channels for Digital Marketing

In the same way a person can express himself through written or spoken prose, a business can also share what they have to say online through digital channels. However, with many channels available for your use, what are the most effective ones that you can use in your digital marketing strategy?

Even today, email marketing still remains the most cost-efficient yet effective way of reaching out to a wider audience. Many people think that email marketing has become outdated, giving way to more sophisticated means of communication. However, it has been foreseen that, by 2017, there will be more than 1.1 billion business email accounts, and 77 percent of all email accounts will be from consumers.

Some people believe that AdWords, like other PPC strategies, would only take a huge chunk of their marketing expenses without any significant results. However, AdWords makes it possible for your ads to be viewed by your target audience, delivering significant and positive results faster than expected.

Social Media
With the growing power of social media nowadays, it’s only fitting that you also give importance to your presence on social media. Now that more people are using social media, regardless of any age group, this gives you more chances for your website to be viewed and visited by prospective customers.

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