Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mixing Print and Digital Marketing

Now that everything is being done online, most businesses think that print marketing is already irrelevant. However, not all digital marketing efforts reap the desired results, as online ads in every form can still be ignored by the viewing public. Hence, the best way to devise an effective marketing strategy is to mix digital and print marketing.

A Consistent Image

One key component of an effective strategy is having a recognisable and consistent image in the form of a strong logo. Keeping your logo consistent among all platforms, from printed cards to your social media accounts, can contribute to better name recall among members of the target market.

Another way to create a consistent image in both print and online is to utilise a relevant yet catchy hashtag that perfectly summarizes your company’s mission and goals. It’s especially useful when printed on your print advertisements, which can make prospective customers curious about your campaign while helping you know how other people are responding to it.


Multiple platforms and channels present the perfect opportunity for you to utilize both digital and print marketing by including social media URLs and hashtags on your printed catalogues. While more people might be thinking that digital marketing is slowly dominating over the marketing industry, the only sure way to win more visitors is to use a combination of both digital and print methods.

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